Patient Care Story – More Than “Just a Crack”

How Chiropractic Care Supports Overall Health

When Sarah took her newborn daughter Ava in for her first chiropractic adjustment, she never expected it would become such an integral part of their family’s health.

Sarah had little experience with chiropractors prior to becoming a mother. She had heard about the benefits of chiropractic care for infants in general, and how a gentle chiropractic adjustment in the first few weeks of life can help a newborn’s health going forward.

Her sister went to AltaVie during her pregnancy and recommended them, so Sarah decided to take Ava to see Dr. Amanda when she was two-weeks-old. As Ava grew up, Sarah was surprised to find out how many health challenges chiropractic care could help with.

Easing Digestion

When Ava was a baby, she began to have digestive issues, flip-flopping between diarrhoea and constipation. Their family doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her. They also visited a naturopath who wasn’t able to help.

Hoping for a more constructive response, Sarah mentioned Ava’s troubles to Dr. Amanda.  Thankfully, Dr. Amanda had a few recommendations. She tailored her chiropractic adjustments to assist Ava’s digestive tract, as well as suggesting a few supplements Sarah could take. She was breastfeeding at the time, so Ava would get the nutrients through her breastmilk.

Dr. Amanda also gave Sarah some exercises and massage techniques she could do at home with Ava to help keep her bowels moving. Everything was working well for Ava, until she weaned herself at two-years-old and was no longer receiving the supplements through Sarah’s breastmilk. Ava started complaining of tummy aches that their doctor ruled out as simply nerves and nothing serious.

Sarah's Family

This time, they were able to put Ava on a chewable children’s probiotic that helped to clear up her stomach pains. And Ava loves taking the probiotics because she thinks they’re candy. “One of the most beneficial things for us about Dr. Amanda is her knowledge of supplements,” Sarah said. “It makes a big difference when you can give your child a fruity, chewable probiotic they love, rather than messing with powders and pills.”

Supporting the Immune System

Around the same time the stomach aches started, Ava also began to suffer from persistent colds. Dr. Amanda told Sarah how the gut has 70-80% of the body’s immune cells, so if something was wrong with Ava’s digestion, it was likely affecting her immune system as well.

Once Ava started her probiotics, not only did she stop complaining of tummy aches, she also stopped getting as many colds.

“Dr. Amanda explained that one of the best times to bring my kids in is when they’re sick,” Sarah said. “This is because chiropractic care can open things up, get stuck energies moving, and help promote healing.”

Now Sarah brings Ava, and her younger brother Levi, in to see Dr. Amanda when they’re at their sickest, runny noses and all. And she’s noticed a much faster recovery time after their adjustments.

Rewiring the Brain for Emotional Health

As Ava got older, emotional challenges started to arise. Like her digestive troubles, nothing was ever diagnosed by their doctor. But Ava would have extreme meltdowns over situations that seemed insignificant. She also would feel unusually worried or anxious at times about small things.

As her stomach aches had cleared up, Sarah and Dr. Amanda agreed that those likely weren’t behind Ava’s behaviour. Dr Amanda gave Sarah some exercises that are shown to help reduce anxiety in children, such as cross-crawls and swinging. The best part is, these movements are fun to do. Playing on the swings in the playground has now become therapy.

Dr. Amanda also discussed the increasing amount of research that suggests our brains can be rewired, especially in children. If they can help Ava to deal more effectively with her emotions at this age, she’ll be able to develop and move forward with much healthier emotional patterns.

The Benefits of All-Encompassing Care

“I didn’t realize what chiropractic can do for you is so all-encompassing,” Sarah said. “Dr. Amanda has helped with our emotional, physical, and even social health with Ava’s anxiety issues. Chiropractic care can really help in all areas.”

Sarah was also impressed by how much they could do at home for Ava. “Dr. Amanda explained how a chiropractic adjustment is like an initial fix for an issue, and she always sends me home with things I can do to help that fix stay,” Sarah said. “She’s more concerned about providing a long-term solution rather than a quick patch we have to come back for again and again.”

“I prefer going to Dr. Amanda than our family doctor because she seems to put more value in our concerns and has things we can do that are more helpful and practical. She’s my go-to now for anything to do with the kids.”

This true story was written up as a gift by one of our mama's.  She interviewed Sarah and helped express her experience with chiropractic care at AltaVie.  Every family we work with has their own unique story.  We are honoured to be part of Sarah and her family's health journey. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

To learn more about the mama who helped share Sarah's story, check our Zoe's LinkedIn Profile.

About Amanda Stevens

Dr Amanda Stevens is a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist whose practice focuses entirely on paediatric and maternity care. She works with families through pregnancy and onward to infancy and childhood. She is passionate about thriving early development and a uses a multimodal approach for problem-solving and wellness care that is specific to each patient that walks through the door.

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