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Yes, we do treat people who are not pregnant and children. We offer full-body, whole-person chiropractic care, massage therapy, and nutrition services for all types of people.

AltaVie is deliberate in creating an environment that facilitates full family care.  Our office is family friendly (as in REAL family friendly, not just for "polite" families whose kids don't act like they've never spent time indoors before!).  Our family chiropractor Dr Anna Marie, our dietitian Leah, and both of our massage therapists are open to accepting new patients of all shapes and sizes and stages.  (Dr Amanda is the exception to this rule; her practice focuses solely on pediatrics and pregnancy. No new "regular people" for her.)

Whether you are looking for a customized health plan and you feel one of our practitioners resonates with your goals directly or you just want to book in because it is convenient because your kids are already coming here, we can accommodate for you.

Give us a call to see who is the best fit for you and to book your next visit!

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