Pregnancy Nutrition Care

Healthy Pregnancy NutritionHealthy babies begin with healthy moms! Pregnancy is one of the most precious times in life. When you are expecting, you may have renewed motivation (or stress) surrounding your diet. You likely have many questions about how to best take care of yourself and your baby during child-bearing (and you know all those internet forums can be overwhelming and are not a reliable source of health information specific to your family).

Seeing a Naturopath during pregnancy can help to:

  • Support the growth and development of your baby
  • Ensure you get the nutrients you and your baby need to be healthy
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Support iron-deficient anemia
  • Manage gestational diabetes
  • Troubleshoot and support heartburn and nausea
  • Gain a healthy amount of weight
  • Do so much more!

The focus of our visits will be on helping you choose healthy foods to nurture the growth and development of your baby. During pregnancy, you will require additional nutrients. A Naturopathic Doctor can help to ensure that you are receiving all of your nutrients needs through food and supplementation. They will also show you how to read food labels and teach you which foods to limit or avoid during pregnancy. You may experience some unwelcome side effect of pregnancy such as heartburn, nausea, or vomiting. While these side effects are often par for the course during this special time, a dietitian can provide solutions to help minimize your symptoms. Our ND also has other techniques and modalities, including acupuncture, to help your feel fabulous and support optimal health for you and baby - before, during, and after pregnancy.

Struggling with gestational diabetes? Let Kelowna's mama-baby Naturopath help you shift your eating habits and choices to safely manage diabetes during pregnancy (with or without medication).


Learn more about Naturopathic Medicine, Kelowna's family-focused naturopath Dr Stephanie Schiemann, or contact the office today to book in.


What about after pregnancy?  We also provide nutritional guidance and health support for postnatal moms (think: breastfeeding support, sleep deprivation, stress load, and so on) and kids of all ages (from infant food sensitivities and reflux to introducing solids and immune system support!).