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Welcome to AltaVie

We are excited for the future of AltaVie as we continue to expand our team.  We look forward to adding more experience and expertise to the services that we offer to families in the Okanagan.  If you are looking to work along side a team of passionate practitioners with a reputation for a high standard of care, we'd love to hear from you. At AltaVie, it's about the right person, not just the right resume.  We are open to applications for any registered massage therapist (RMT) who is dedicated to serving maternity  and/or pediatric populations, even though our client base is much more diverse. 

About the Job

Start Date

We're looking for someone to start soon and can be flexible with start dates.


In the range of 20 hours a week. Most of our current practitioners regularly see patients between 10 and 30 hours a week.


All RMTs pay a base rent, with no percentage split and no salary.

Patient Treatment Time

Our hours all fall Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Team Dynamic

All our clinicians are treated as equals. There are no "junior" associates, "probationary" performance reviews, or seniority ranks. We work as a team.

Patient Focus

Everyone deserves fantastic health. However, our office focuses primarily on Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Family, Fertility, and Female Health.

Who We're Looking For


All levels of experience are welcome to apply. Whether you're just getting started or well on your way, we care more about you than your resume.

RMT Requirement

There are many different ways to help people. However, in order to work in our office, you must be a registered massage therapist in the province of BC.

Skill Set

The thing we care most about is your desire to use your hands on every single client you see. Assets (not requirements) would include craniosacral therapy certification, hot stone, cupping, and deep tissue.

Personal Attributes

We support families and young children in this community. We will only hire people that we feel have a similar value for family, children's health, and community. Of note, reliability is a primary asset, as your team and your community will rely on you regularly for the betterment of our collective health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my contract be?
We hope that you stay for a very long time. But honestly, if you are planning on leaving Kelowna in the future, or simply looking for someone to help you start a career which you plan to finish elsewhere, this probably isn't the place for you. Kelowna is a wonderful community, but it's mildly transient population can make practice-building a meticulous process. Be aware that practicing in Kelowna means you must have a long-term mindset.
What if I don't have the assets/qualifications you want?
That's OK. If you are set on working in an environment that focuses on the type of client we serve, we will gladly help you develop along the way. There is no need to withhold an application just because your resume is short or you have more experience in other arenas. We simply want someone who is committed to becoming excellent in the areas that will best help you serve the families of the Okanagan, with a strong focus on pediatrics and pregnancy. A submitted application is just the beginning of a conversation.

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