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Microbiome – Understanding what microscopic critters have to do with pregnancy, birth, & baby – Notes from Pathways Connect Kelowna May 2018 Gathering

Where do we even start?  This is a topic I could discuss for days. It is near and dear to me academically, clinically, and personally.  During my master’s degree in clinical nutrition, I studied and wrote papers on the gut-brain axis, the microbiome, and neurodevelopmental disorders (which are my permanent passion focus).  Clinically, I work […]

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Group B Strep (GBS) – Implications for Probiotic Use During Pregnancy

A Note on GBS Streptococcus agalactiae (AKA group B strep/GBS) is considered commensal (meaning normal) vaginal microbiota in 10-25% of women. In the presence of an overgrowth during late-stage pregnancy, this species can cause sepsis, pneumonia, and sometimes meningitis, all of which are very serious concerns for a newborn.  This is why women in Canada […]

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Probiotics During Pregnancy

Let’s take a step back (from our first blog on the microbiome). What about before birth? What about during pregnancy? Of course, our dietary choices, supplements, medications, stress-load, and physical experiences all impact both mom and baby in-utero. The womb is not quite the sterile environment we once thought it was.  There is a growing body […]

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The Microbiome & Birth

I was recently asked to do an in-service update on the microbiome and birth for a group of midwives. Always excited to dork out on anything birth and baby related, I was eager to accept the offer and wanted to make sure I was prepared with the most up-to-date information I could provide to empower […]

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Webster Technique Overview

WEBSTER CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE & THE WONDERFUL IMPLICATIONS FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS AND THEIR BABIES-TO-BE Pregnant women and the babes growing inside them face unique physical challenges during their nine month journey together. The Webster Chiropractic Technique is a safe and effective therapy that is used by many moms to help them accommodate for the changing demands […]

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