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Touch as an Essential Nutrient – Preparation Notes for Pathways Connect Kelowna (most of which we did not actually end up talking about)

What first comes to mind when you think of touch? As a mother? Memories as a kid? Positive or negative emotions or experiences? It is such a pervasive input system that it is easily overlooked, but touch is important.  I’m sure you’ve seen posts or studies about how when babies are not held, they don’t […]

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Conscious Parenting – Ramblings from our first Pathways Connect Kelowna gathering of 2018

We had out first Pathways Connect Kelowna gathering of 2018 on January 30th. Here are some ramblings put together during my preparations for the event and from reflections afterwards. Pathways Connect Kelowna is part of a bigger movement organized by Pathways to Family Wellness. The focus is to elevate and educate families as they explore […]

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Paediatric Concussion Update

The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) invited Dr Tommy Gerschman from Fortius Sport & Health to present an update on pediatric concussions for their members.  It was one of the better webinars I have attended in a while and Dr Gerschman – a board-certified pediatric rheumatologist with multiple certifications and designations in pediatric sports medicine – […]

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Establishing Balance as a Family

Were you are the Family Day Challenge?  This was in your swag bag. I think it is worth sharing with everyone as a reminder to build and live the balanced life you love. Find out how you are spending your time. Take a week to track your time. Every hour.  Where you are spending your […]

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Dr Mark Holder is a neuroscientist who works out of UBCO studying happiness.  Neat, eh?  Apparently, some of his research has involved cookies and dolphins (separately, not together, though maybe there is an idea in there somewhere).  Dr Holder spoke on the Science of Happiness in Children at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in […]

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