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Patient Care Story – More Than “Just a Crack”

How Chiropractic Care Supports Overall Health When Sarah took her newborn daughter Ava in for her first chiropractic adjustment, she never expected it would become such an integral part of their family’s health. Sarah had little experience with chiropractors prior to becoming a mother. She had heard about the benefits of chiropractic care for infants […]

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Microbiome – Understanding what microscopic critters have to do with pregnancy, birth, & baby – Notes from Pathways Connect Kelowna May 2018 Gathering

Where do we even start?  This is a topic I could discuss for days. It is near and dear to me academically, clinically, and personally.  During my master’s degree in clinical nutrition, I studied and wrote papers on the gut-brain axis, the microbiome, and neurodevelopmental disorders (which are my permanent passion focus).  Clinically, I work […]

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Group B Strep (GBS) – Implications for Probiotic Use During Pregnancy

A Note on GBS Streptococcus agalactiae (AKA group B strep/GBS) is considered commensal (meaning normal) vaginal microbiota in 10-25% of women. In the presence of an overgrowth during late-stage pregnancy, this species can cause sepsis, pneumonia, and sometimes meningitis, all of which are very serious concerns for a newborn.  This is why women in Canada […]

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Vision Therapy, Sensory Support, & Concussion Rehab – Overview from an inservice with Dr Paul Rollett

Dr Anna Marie and I crashed an in-service that my husband (Ben Stevens) organized for Valeo Health Clinic and Aspire Health & Performance.  We couldn’t help ourselves.  We were too excited about the opportunity to learn more about vision therapy, concussion rehab, and how to better support our patients through sensory awareness. Plus I knew […]

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The Microbiome & Birth

I was recently asked to do an in-service update on the microbiome and birth for a group of midwives. Always excited to dork out on anything birth and baby related, I was eager to accept the offer and wanted to make sure I was prepared with the most up-to-date information I could provide to empower […]

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