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Thriving Health & Wellness for the Whole Family

At AltaVie Integrated Family Health, we believe that patients should be treated as a whole-person. It takes time to investigate your individual situation, treat the problems, and teach you how to make sure that the same thing doesn’t keep happening again and again!

That is why our initial chiropractic exam is a full hour and our regular office visits are 15 minutes long. During the initial exam, we will take an full history, do a basic and problem specific physical exam, and, most of the time, provide the initial treatment.  If we feel that additional information is needed prior to treatment, then we will refer to where you need to go to get it, whether imaging or lab work or a different set of eyes.

Does the thought of 60 minutes with your little one in tow sound intimidating? We can split the initial exam into a phone history call and shorter focused physical exam in office.  Call the office to arrange convenient scheduling for you. 

During your initial massage appointment, you will have an opportunity to review your medical history, explore your current injury, and express your massage preferences.  Each therapeutic massage visit will be provide ample space for a consistent dialogue regarding injury updates and treatment style preferences… unless of course you prefer that cherished moment of silence!

Your initial nutrition consult with our Registered Dietitian is split into two visit. The first visit is 30 minutes long, during which you will review some initial paperwork and discuss your concerns and the type of approach that will work best for you.  The second have of your initial consult is 60 minutes and it is during this visit that we will review your game plan and any nutrition interventions that you can implement to support your thriving health.  Followup nutrition visits are 30 minutes long. We also have special weight-loss check-in appointments for when more frequent visits are recommended.



Initial Exam (60 minutes) $135
Regular Office Visit $55
Wellness Visit $44
Re-Exam $80


Massage Therapy

20 Minute Infant Massage $40
30 Minute Massage $60
45 Minute Massage $90
60 Minute Massage $110
90 Minute Massage $150


Nutrition & Dietetics

Initial Nutrition Consult

(60 minutes)

Nutrition Follow-Up

(30 minutes)


We are able to do direct billing through most insurance carries. Please inform of us if this is your preferred method of payment and check you policy to make sure you have direct billing capacities set up.  We do not bill ICBC or WCB directly.

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Not sure where to start? You can book in for a free 15 minute chat with one of our chiropractors.  There will not be any treatment provided during these appointments, but you will have a chance to let us know what you have going on and address any questions or concerns that you might have.  If we aren’t what is right for you, we will do our best to help you find who is. We have an extensive network of wonderful health professionals in our community and we play well with others.  If we are a good fit, then  we will help guide you along initiating a care plan that is right for you or your child.

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