The AltaVie Team is very excited to welcome Registered Dietitian (RD) Leah Perrier to our team.  Learn more about what a Registered Dietitian (especially one experienced in paediatric nutrition) has to offer as part of your family’s health team.

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), I am a trained food and nutrition health professional who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. I provide advice on nutrition, food, and healthy eating choices to help you look good and feel great.  I’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition and have completed supervised practical training through a university program. As a regulated health profession with high standards, I must be registered with Provincial Regulatory Bodies and therefore, Dietitians are the only professionals who can use the titles “Registered Dietitian”, “Professional Dietitian” and “Dietitian”, which are all terms protected by law. You’ve got to work hard and know your stuff to earn those titles!

Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition with a special diet, looking for advice on healthy eating during pregnancy, searching for ways to improve your energy or manage your weight, striving to boost sport performance, or helping your infant or child receive optimal nutrition … or simply in search of advice on how to interpret a food label, I can help! I can offer:

  • Customized Recommendations:  I will develop a nutrition program that specifically meets your needs – whether you are searching for answers to a food allergy/intolerance or need to get to the bottom of your aching stomach after a meal. You may simply need a food plan to get your started on your nutrition goals. I can help you put an ideal plan into action.


  • A Safe Approach:  Have you ever been on a fad diets that helped you drop weight fast, but the weight inevitably crept back? This approach can potentially cause health risks and is not a sustainable approach. I will develop a safe nutrition plan to meet your goals while optimizing overall nutrition and health. I will also keep you up to date with the latest research and recommendations of what really works versus what is risky or unproven. This is especially important for individuals struggling with obesity, diabetes, chronic disease, or very restrictive eating practices such as eating disorders, food allergies, or serious health conditions.


  • Answer the Tough Questions:  Wanting to know if a particular supplement is right for you? Or perhaps you’re curious about a food-drug interaction with the new medicine your practitioner just prescribed? I can work closely with the other health professionals involved to help answer some of the tough questions and make sure that a nutrition plan will best meet your needs, given your unique circumstances.


  • Enhance Motivation:  There’s nothing like having a bona fide nutrition expert holding you accountable. I can help you stay motivated, troubleshoot challenges and barriers, and help you get back on track after a relapse.

The initial consult is a two-part visit. During the first 30-minute visit, I will strive to understand you, your past successes and challenges, and your current goals. I will take the time to get some background health and medical information and will likely ask you to complete some form of a nutrition log to gain a better understanding of your current eating patterns. From there, I will put all the information together and help you come up with your own individualized nutrition plan. We will meet again for a 60-minute visit to go through the assessment and plan.

Depending on your situation, the number of times you meet with me can vary from simply a one-time session to a few times per week. Some people just need to get a nutrition plan in place while others need constant feedback, support, information sharing, and tweaking. People who have medical problems with a large nutrition component – like food allergies/intolerances, diabetes, obesity, advanced kidney disease, and gastrointestinal pathology – may benefit most from an ongoing relationship with me. The bottom line is, your care is customized to you.

Want to learn more about Dietitian Leah Perrier, her experience in paediatric nutrition, her passion about whole family health, or her educational background? Check out her bio page here.


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