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Growing a Snack Garden … with kids!

There is nothing that kids love more than to dig in the dirt, so why not use those extra little hands to help you in the garden. Children enjoy planting seeds, watching them grow, and harvesting what they have grown. The experience can help them to develop a love of nature and can have a […]

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Let’s Get Smart About Stress

Stress. We all have it. You can’t avoid it. Sometimes it’s good; sometimes it’s bad.  Sometimes you feel like you have a lot; sometimes you feel very little. No matter what, your body is constantly doing its best to manage that stress load appropriately and function gracefully through it.  My goal in this blog is […]

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Nutrition Expert Tips for a Fresh Start

Tips from a Nutrition Expert Starter Nutrition Tips for Your Fresh Start The spring season brings a fresh start, hopeful energy, and the best of intentions. Many people have health and nutrition goals to achieve. Sometimes they turn to fad diets that leave them feeling deprived and wanting to give up after a couple weeks […]

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Probiotics Aren’t Just For Pooping

The microbial revolution has begun!  After teams of brilliant scientists completely mapped out the human genome, they were shocked at what they DID NOT find.  The expectation was that once we decoded our DNA, we would be able to identify and treat specific genes to solve an abundance of diseases. What they found was not […]

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Healthy Holiday Party Nutrition Tips

It’s back! the season for exchanging gifts, baking cookies, and receiving invitations to various holiday parties. While these get-togethers are meant to gather friends and loved ones for some festive visiting, the typical indulgent fare that frequents such events often leaves partygoers feeling guilty about overindulging and can put your nutrition goals on the back […]

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Healthy Fats for Hyperactivity

What your kid’s brain needs for optimum cognitive function Your brain is the fattest organ in your body. It is made up of mostly fat and water and it needs fat to thrive. Even the nerves that leave your brain and travel to the rest of your body are covered in a lovely lining of […]

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Autism and Nutrition

Like all children, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) need to eat well to have the nutrients that they need to grow, learn, and develop. Every child with ASD has a different personality and set of abilities that may affect what and how much they eat. Children with ASD may be more sensitive to the […]

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Healthy Food for Fertility

Food For Thought: How does weight impact my fertility? Roughly 16% (or 1 in 6) couples in Canada struggle with infertility. That number has doubled since the 1980’s. While couples can’t control all of the causes of infertility, they can control their diets. Diet and weight management for both partners can have a significant impact […]

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