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Sleep Support: Chiropractic Connection

The magic of chiropractic care for children and infants rests in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  The ANS is split into 2 primary divisions: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. The Sympathetic division is your SURVIVAL mode – Fight or Flight, go-go-go.  The Parasympathetic division is your THRIVE mode – Rest and Digest, eating-sleeping-pooping. We want both systems […]

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Webster Technique Overview

WEBSTER CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE & THE WONDERFUL IMPLICATIONS FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS AND THEIR BABIES-TO-BE Pregnant women and the babes growing inside them face unique physical challenges during their nine month journey together. The Webster Chiropractic Technique is a safe and effective therapy that is used by many moms to help them accommodate for the changing demands […]

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Let’s Get Smart About Stress

Stress. We all have it. You can’t avoid it. Sometimes it’s good; sometimes it’s bad.  Sometimes you feel like you have a lot; sometimes you feel very little. No matter what, your body is constantly doing its best to manage that stress load appropriately and function gracefully through it.  My goal in this blog is […]

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Kinesiology Tape During Pregnancy

What’s with that cool tape? Kinesiology Tape (KT) has been making headlines since athletes have been highlighting their brightly-coloured sport supports during the Olympics and other major games.  What could possibly be a more impressive physical feat than taking 9 months to completely overhaul your physique and prepare for “the main event”?  That “main event” […]

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Safety Perspective

A study recently released from John Hopkins University is causing a bit of a stir. It is bringing forward numbers from medicine’s own data bases indicating that the third highest cause of death in the US is due to medical error.   This is more than lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, motor vehicle accidents, and gun deaths […]

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Postpartum Pain Syndrome

Ladies, let’s take a few minutes to talk about pain. There is enough emphasis about the pain experienced during labour, but I want to focus specifically on the aches and pains that women feel after giving birth to their little bundle. While many women expect there will be some ups and downs during the first […]

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