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Baby’s First Chiropractic Check-Up

Congratulations! You are either expecting or just had a baby. How exciting! We are frequently asked by health savvy moms when they should bring baby in for their first chiropractic check up. Here is some information to help you out with that decision. Chiropractic care is safe for newborns, infants, toddlers, kids, and adults of […]

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When to Introduce Solids

  How do you know when is the right time to introduce solids to your baby? Adding solids to baby’s diet too early can lead to some real trouble.  Premature introduction of complementary foods can affect immune function, immunotolerance, the development of chronic disease, and the risk of atopy. Most people feel they should start introducing […]

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How to Treat (and Prevent) Constipation in Kids

Let’s talk about poop. Everyone poops.  (Or so Taro Gomi’s classic children’s story would lead us to believe, though Robert Munch suggests good families don’t pass gas.)  However, it is my experience that not everybody poops with the same amount of frequency or satisfaction.  Jokes aside, “Number 2” is of primary health important, so if […]

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Review: Prenatal Multivitamin

As a clinical nutritionist and pregnancy doc, I get asked quite frequently which prenatal multivitamin I would recommend.  I took the opportunity while I was pregnant to try out my usual picks to gather some “on-field” intel with them. Here are my top choices for multivitamins while you are pregnant, combining my personal experience and clinical expertise: 1 […]

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Establishing Balance as a Family

Were you are the Family Day Challenge?  This was in your swag bag. I think it is worth sharing with everyone as a reminder to build and live the balanced life you love. Find out how you are spending your time. Take a week to track your time. Every hour.  Where you are spending your […]

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Dr Mark Holder is a neuroscientist who works out of UBCO studying happiness.  Pretty cool, eh?  Apparently, some of his research has involved cookies and dolphins (separately, not together, though maybe there is an idea in there somewhere).  Dr Holder spoke on the Science of Happiness in Children at the Rotary Centre for the Arts […]

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Success with Supplements

Nutritional supplements, nutriceuticals, and medical foods can be very helpful for improving your health and healing physiological conditions.  They can also be very intimidating.  Here are some tips to making sure you are getting the most out of your health regime. Read the label.  Should it be taken with food or without? In one dose […]

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How to Set up for Success in a Nutrition Program

Choose the right time. Don’t start your new nutrition ideals on a whim. Pick a timeframe with few events or holidays.  Don’t start something new right before Christmas or your birthday.  Try to carve out 3-4 weeks without parties or vacations, as these types of outings can be very difficult to manage when establishing a new routine. […]

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How to be a Healthy Vegetarian

Vegetarians, on the whole, have less risk of heart attack and diabetes than their meat eating comrades.  They are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol and they have a considerably lower incidence of digestive disorders, gallbladder disease, constipation, and colon cancer (and possibly other cancers as well).  The research […]

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How to Discourage Iron Deficiency

One of the most common nutrition “problems” that I see in my office is iron deficiency (low iron levels).  This makes sense, considering iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world, with women and children most commonly affected. Whether borderline or a full-blown clinical deficiency, there is usually a lot more going […]

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